The Best Yogawear to Keep Your Mind at Peace

The most important part of any yoga class is to be conscious, aligning your mind and body so that they are in total sync. Shouldn't the same be said about your yogawear? If you're looking to find some conscious activewear, take a look at our favourite ethical brands to help you keep your heart happy.   

Lucas Hugh - Lucas Hugh blends art and science with their line of gorgeous, high-performance activewear. Even better? For every metre of fabric that goes into a Lucas Hugh garment, one metre of rainforest is protected through the World Land Trust - sustainable fashion at its best. 

Girlfriend Collective - This brand of yoga leggings is all about transparency: their factory is certified by Social Accountability International, the materials they use are made from recycled fabrics, and their factory employees are well-paid, safe and living healthy lives. We all know it - yoga sessions are always better with a girlfriend.

Cozy Orange.jpg

Cozy Orange - We absolutely love that Cozy Orange makes all of their eco-friendly yoga bottoms from recycled plastic bottles. Their commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there: Cozy Orange uses recycled or reusable materials for their packaging, and their production facilities are evaluated by sustainability teams. These garments will seriously keep your mind and heart zen.  

KiraGrace - One of the best parts of yoga is being able to relax. That's exactly what KiraGrace is setting out to do; that's why 100% of sales from their Warrior collection is donated to a nonprofit that uses yoga as a platform for charitable activities. With stylish cutouts and loads of simple designs, they are making it easy to feel amazing, inside and out. 

Eleven44 - Hooded Vest.jpg

Eleven44 – For everyone who’s tired of throwing out their cheap leggings after just a few uses, meet Eleven44: a brand dedicated to making high-quality, eco-friendly yogawear. “We are passionate about supporting the eco textile movement away from conventional cotton...back to organic farming and low impact processing,” they state. Cute and conscious – we love!

Gossypium - All of Gossypium's yogawear is locally made in the UK with organic cotton. In fact, they're most famous for pioneering the introduction of ethical textiles into the UK since 1998. With 5 sustainable fashion awards already in the bag, this is one brand that cares as much about their style as helping the environment.