Walk in Style - Ethical shoe brands to match your step

As the seasons change during the year, so do our shoes. It’s important to be prepared for special occasions, beach trips, and winter weather, but where to find shoes that are both stylish and ethical? We’ve developed a list of our 5 favourite ethical shoe brands for you to check out that’ll really knock your socks off.

1) Will’s Vegan Shoes

We absolutely love Will’s for 3 main reasons: 1) their range of leather-free options for men and women are available in loads of styles; 2) all of their shoes match the high street prices and are made with high-quality faux leather;  and 3) Will’s modern footwear is always focused on the latest trends, so you can look good and feel great too. 

2) Veja

This French ethical fashion brand is all about transparency and action: their vision is to combine fair trade materials and eco-friendly practices to develop and design stylish and ethical footwear. By using all-natural materials like organic cotton and fair-trade rubber, and by only stocking limited amounts of shoes, Veja reduces their carbon footprint while styling yours.

3) Nisolo Shoes

The word “nisolo” means not alone, because this ethical fashion brand realizes that each individual’s small choice can have a large impact. Nisolo employs artisans in Peru and provides them with an average income increase of 300% per producer, inaugural access to education and savings, and above all, dignity and empowerment for each worker.

4) Keep Company

 All of Keep Company's comfy-casual sneakers are vegan, made in ethical factories, and fabricated with organic, natural and sustainably grown materials as much as possible. With an obsession for handwoven ikat fabric, traditional Japanese indigo prints, and hand-pieced quilt patchwork, they pay homage to the history of their favourite craftsmanship with their trendy sneakers.


5) Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme is challenging the perception of leather-free footwear with every step. Founder and long-term vegan Alicia wanted to create gorgeous shoes that are both high quality and high fashion. The PETA-approved brand has updated British classics with the values of slow fashion.