Sunglasses Brands that are Anything But Shady

When we think of sustainable closets, we don’t always think about our sunglasses. Everyone has their favourite pair of sunnies, but finding out where they come from and how they’re made is a completely different story. If you’re interested in finding some ethical and sustainable sunglasses, check out the blazing hot brands below to see what we’ve discovered.

Shwood – Local production, sustainable practices and natural materials are what go into each pair of glasses from Shwood. Based in Portland, Oregon, this eyewear brand responsibly acquires the wood for their frames, proving their commitment to being eco-friendly. With each pair, Shwood truly shows just how beautiful nature can be.

Westward Leaning – We love WL because of their commitment to ethics and their complete transparency: “We recognize these are only sunglasses; if you want to help the world, donate to UNICEF.” That being said, these sunglasses are second to none- they manufacture their glasses in local, family-run factories, use faux leather, and their styles are utterly unique. Now all you’ll need is a sunny spot to show these off!

B.EAN Spectacles – Some wooden eyewear, ripped jeans and a tattered book were all it took to inspire this Austrian eco-eyewear brand. Named after its materials, B(ooks) and (J)Ean Spectacles has set out to create sunglasses with upcycled materials and local production. Although these glasses aren’t available yet, we’re very eagerly awaiting – patience is in our jeans.

Warby Parker – This B Corporation eyewear brand not only makes adorable and affordable sunglasses, they also give back to their community and to the world. For each pair of glasses purchased, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need. So far, they’ve donated over two million pairs. On top of that, they’re one of the only carbon neutral eyewear brands in the world. Glasses that make you feel good and look great. 

Topheads Eyewear.jpg

Topheads Eyewear - Inspired by retro designs, Topheads uses eco-friendly materials to make their sunglasses, like bamboo, bioplastic and recycled skateboard decks. This Australian-based brand makes each pair by hand, meaning no two are exactly alike. Because a magic touch doesn't only come from fairy godmothers.