Find Your (Re)purpose With Our Favourite Repurposed Fashion Brands

The saying goes, “One person’s trash is another one’s treasure,” and that certainly includes fashion.  Any way you look at it, upcycling, repurposing and recycling are all interesting and creative methods used to transform old into new. And some ethical fashion brands are totally on top of it all. Here are some of the repurposed brands we adore:


Reclamation Dept – This one’s for all of our vintage lovers out there: Reclamation Dept finds old war bags and repurposes them into modernized messenger bags, totes and bike bags. Each one is totally unique, individualized and upcycled by hand in Long Beach, California. These bags were originally made during a time when our possessions were more than just a passing trend, and thanks to RD, they’ll stay that way. 

EcoBling – When you look at a bed frame, what’s the first thing you think about? Sleeping, relaxing? Creative designer Katie Johnston saw the potential for beautiful pieces of jewellery, and built an ethical brand out of it. By repurposing items like beer bottles, brooms and floors, EcoBling turns something once meant for landfill into art. Plus, a tree is planted for every piece sold – we love!


Girlfriend Collective – When you see someone throwing away an empty plastic bottle, where does it really go? Thanks to Girlfriend Collective, it might end up on someone’s yoga pants that is. The eco-fashion brand has already re-routed over 6 million plastic bottles by converting them into fabric for their super comfy leggings. So you can relax a) knowing Girlfriend Collective is helping the planet and b) while lounging around in your new favourite pants.

ARTICLE22 – ARTICLE22's jewellery collection is made with a look to the past and the future. All of their pieces are made in Laos from Vietman War-era bombs that are safely detonated, melted and turned into jewellery. Local artisans are paid fair wages, live in safe conditions and are able to work creatively in their craft. Supporting ARTICLE22 provides a safer livelihood for the residents of Laos, and allows you to make a difference in the world.

MUD Jeans – We've got a soft spot in our heart for MUD Jeans – a brand that based in a circular economy. That means of all the jeans they sell, none of them end up in landfill. It’s simple: whether through their Lease A Jeans program or through an individual purchase, you can send back old MUD pairs and they’ll be recycled into new jeans. For all of the zero-wasters out there, you can be happy knowing that nothing will be going to landfill.