The Best Ethical Swimwear Brands for your Holiday

You’re finally off from work, and you are getting ready to go on holiday to a sunny, warm beach. This calls for a new bikini! You don’t feel like sifting through shops because you want something that will last many seasons, and something that you will feel really great about buying.

That’s exactly why Moyo is here: we want to introduce you to a few swimwear brands that put their ethics first. Now, the only hard part is choosing which adorable swimsuit to buy!

1) Aquadiva – This fair-trade swimwear brand chooses sustainable, quality fabrics that are both comfortable and durable. In addition, their factory is fully powered by solar panels, and they donate money to local animal organizations throughout Australia. A great brand for the oceans and the animals! 

2) OceanZen Bikini – One reason we love OceanZen is because the materials they use are totally zero-waste. The fabric that they use for their bikinis is sustainably derived from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean. Clearing up oceans and making bikinis with the leftovers? That’s something we can definitely go for.

3) allSisters – allSisters’ pieces use innovative patterns and recycled textiles from Italy, in gorgeous designs for the everyday modern woman. They are also Made in Green certified, which guarantees that they are tested for harmful substances and that they’re made in environmentally friendly facilities and socially responsible workplaces. Sexy and sustainable!

4) Vitamin A – This gorgeous brand truly cares about the environment and about making you feel absolutely wonderful in your bathing suit. Vitamin A’s superfine jersey material is comfortably made with recycled nylon fiber, and many of their prints are created with waterless digital technology in eco-friendly factories. 


5) Faherty – This American outdoor clothing and swimwear brand uses premium eco-friendly swimwear made using recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Faherty works closely with their factories around the world to ensure high quality pieces that will last you a lifetime of swims.