Ethical T-Shirts that are Anything But Basic

There’s nothing like a T-shirt to give a classic casual vibe to your outfit. From a great graphic print to a plain white tee, a T-shirt can add the perfect touch to make an outfit uniquely yours. And when they’re made from a brand that cares about their materials and their workers, you can feel a million times better supporting them. Check out our favourite T-shirt brands below.


People’s Avenue. – This Amsterdam-based clothing shop has one mission: to make organic cotton accessible to everyone. From their sustainably sourced materials to their fair working conditions, People’s Avenue. makes it easy to support slow fashion. It's no wonder why a tee from their collection can easily become  one of your wardrobe staples.

Atlas & Boy – With a small range of minimalist tees and sweatshirts, Atlas & Boy shows that slow fashion isn't just for high end clothing. All of their items are made in limited numbers, are designed and printed in the UK, and use sustainable materials like organic cotton. And if you’re sharing a closet with your significant other, their unisex tees can just as easily be shared.

Bon Label – If you’re looking for a good tee, look no further than Bon Label. Inspired by French minimalist fashion, this Aussie brand sells simple yet fun tops made with organic materials. Everything is ethically and locally made in Australia, which means a more sustainable fashion brand and more #goodforwomankind.

Funktion Schnitt – When it comes to casual tops, Funktion Schnitt has got it down to a tee. It’s why they create T-shirts perfectly tailored to any occasion, like a gym run or a weekend at the beach. Using sustainable and natural materials like organic cotton, linen, and merino wool, they responsibly create tees with a balance between fashion and function.

The Road – According to their website, “The Road makes decent-looking basics for basically decent people.” But when it comes to production, their ethics are no joke: they use certified organic cotton, pay their workers good wages and are transparent about the true cost of slow fashion. All you have to do is decide which one of their graphic tees you can’t live without.