Essential Ethical Travel Bags for your Holiday

Now that the New Year has finally arrived, you’re probably looking to make a few changes. If any of your resolutions includes travelling more, being more eco-friendly, or being a better consumer, we’re here to help. Check out this list before your next trip and you’ll easily adhere to your 2017 promises.


Matt & Nat – One reason we love Matt & Nat is because you can see their values right in their name: Matt(erial) & Nat(ure).  This ethical bag brand is committed to using vegan, recycled and eco-friendly materials, and paying fair wages to all of their workers. They even encourage their team to volunteer as much as possible – and that’s something we can definitely support.

Duffle & Co – This brand was founded not only to sell great bags, but to showcase the work of amazing artisans from around the world. Duffle & Co hires craftsmen and women from developing countries to hand make all of their beautiful bags. They are all paid fair wages, are treated with respect, and are empowered to create positive change. 


Nisolo – Nisolo has one vision: “To return fashion to what it once was: about people, art, and valuing the creator just as much as the customer.” That’s why they offer proper wages and consistent employment to all of their Peruvian workers, and choose sustainable and ethical eco-tanned leather to make all of their products. So while you’re looking for your next bag, pick up a pair of shoes to break in on your next holiday.


United by Blue – You know we love United by Blue, and for good reason: for every purchase you make, they promise to remove a pound of trash from our oceans. All of their bags are made with eco leather, organic cotton or recycled polyester, which means a healthier planet. With a UBB bag, you don’t have to compromise – you just have to care.

Winter Session – This ethical brand offers American made, handcrafted bags that look seriously cool. They source all of their leather from American tanneries that use eco-friendly vegetable dyes, processed with traditional methods and natural materials like tree bark extracts. With local production and a focus on sustainability, Winter Session is an easy choice for conscious consumers.