Get Happy Feet With Trainers from Our Favourite Ethical Brands

You don’t have to be training to rock a sleek and stylish pair of trainers. But beware: you might be tempted to do so after looking over some of these ethical sneaker brands. Whether you’re into the skater look or you’re just looking for a pair to work out in, check out the brands that we are loving right now.

Veja – Veja, which means “look” in Portuguese, is aptly named: it’s hard to ignore someone wearing a pair of these trainers. Not only do we love them because of their use of eco friendly fabrics like organic cotton and rubber, but their sneakers are seriously cool. They’ve even got a line of vegan shoes for anyone looking to get a leather-free pair.

Ahimsa – As the only brand in the world with a 100% vegan shoe factory, Ahimsa is paving the way for fashion everywhere. Meaning “peace” in Sanskrit, they really are all about it: they treat their workers properly, they use animal-free materials and they make conscious, ethical choices. Slip into one of their pairs and you’ll immediately feel at “ahimsa”.

ECOALF – We already knew recycled plastic bottles could be turned into bathing suits and yoga pants, but it turns out they can be made into sleek trainers too. Spanish shoe brand ECOALF wants to make recycled fashion mainstream, especially consideringthe high quality material that can be made from it. Talk about happy feet.

Allbirds – New Zealand-based shoe brand Allbirds has an updated, all-natural look for trainers made with a simple design, comfortable feel, and wool as the main ingredient. Instead of synthetic alternatives, Allbirds founders have decided to take advantage of their country’s greatest resource by using all natural merino wool for each pair. As the saying goes: Mother (Nature) knows best.

Keep Company – Vegan shoe brand Keep Company knows that no animals have to be harmed to make fun, stylish sneakers. On top of that, they stay ethical by producing all of their footwear in fair factories, and using natural, organic and sustainably-grown materials as much as possible. As for their name – it explains why you’ll keep coming back for more.