Sandals That Will Give you a Spring in your Step

The seasons are changing, and for our friends in the northern hemisphere, summer is on its way. We’ve already got you covered on ethical day dresses, and now we’ve found the perfect shoe brands to match. Whether the warmth has arrived yet or not, get prepared with some breezy summer sandals from one of our favourite brands below.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather – This PETA-approved brand has got their sustainable fashion brand all set: the materials they use are 100% recyclable, their shoes are made in a sweatshop-free factory in Portugal and each pair is made with natural and durable fibers for years of wear. Plus their sandals are seriously cool - perfect for the minimalist in you.

Nisolo – If you’ve heard about Nisolo from us already, there’s a reason: this ethical shoe brand employs skilled artisans from Argentina, paying above fair trade wages, offering skills training and providing safe working conditions. Plus, all of their shoes are made with ecoleather that comes from small-scale farms, making them beautiful every step of the way.

Will’s Vegan Shoes – When you’re on the hunt for a killer pair of vegan shoes, Will’s is always there for you. In addition to being completely animal-free and eco-friendly, their prices match the same as the high street boutiques. These wallet-friendly shoes don’t skimp though: they’re made with high-quality vegan leather, and are made locally and ethically in Europe. They’ve even got a men’s shoe line, so you and your guy can look good and feel great.

Mamahuhu – This ethical shoe brand is unique for more than just its name: Mamahuhu helps unemployed artisans in Colombia become sustainable business owners, allowing them to survive and thrive while creating beautiful shoes. These artisans have flexible working hours, 50% higher payment and opportunities for self-sustainability. Plus, they get to create pieces of wearable art every single day.

MATT & NAT – You know we love MATT & NAT for their gorgeous handbags, but did you know they also make a line of vegan shoes? Using sustainable and animal-free materials, these sandals perfectly match their iconic style: minimalist and versatile. M&N shows us that ingenuity and compassion are all we need to make a positive impact on the world.