Ring, Ring, Ring! Ethical Rings To Fall In Love With

From statement makers to the simple and classic, rings can tell a lot about your personality. And the way they’re sourced, made and designed can tell a lot about the brand you’re buying from. Ethical jewellery can sometimes fall by the wayside to things like clothing and shoes, but we’re here to guide you to the best brands for ethical rings. Look below to see the ring brands we are loving right now.

ENJI Studio – This jewellery brand is 100% handmade and committed to making beautiful pieces without harm. As a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, ENJI only uses recycled and fairmined materials, ethically sourced and fairmined stones, chains and findings that are made in the USA and Italy. And with a minimalist, modern style, how can you not fall in love?

ARTICLE22 – When it comes to inspiring brand stories, ARTICLE22 might just take the cake: they safely detonate bombs in Laos and ethically transform them into pieces of jewellery with the help of local artisans. From the war shrapnel, they make pieces that are simple and beautiful – creating something positive from what was once negative.

Linnie Mclarty – We adore Linnie Mclarty not just because of her gorgeous statement jewellery pieces, but because she works ethically and responsibly. In fact, she was one of the first licensees worldwide for certified fairtrade, fairmine, ecological gold – that means miners are always guaranteed a fair price, and you’re always guaranteed seriously conscious jewellery.

J. Hannah – This LA-based ethical jewellery designer was originally inspired by her grandmother’s vintage jewellery. Out of that, she created minimalist and modern pieces with an ethical edge; not only are all of her pieces handmade to order, but all stones are ethically sourced and conflict-free. If you like it, then you should definitely put a ring on it.

SeeMe – For SeeMe, every piece of jewellery is based on around one thing: a heart. And that’s exactly what is put into this ethical jewellery brand – they are a fairtrade verified brand that employs women survivors of violence. By empowering women and using ancient Tunisian techniques, SeeMe really does help women support women.