Man Up with These Ethical Menswear Brands

There are so many amazing ethical clothing brands out there that are inspiring others and changing the fashion industry as we know it. But with so many of them catering specifically to women, we decided to seek out the brands that are all about men’s clothing. Compassion is genderless and there are plenty of brands to discover. These are some of the ones we liked best.

Country Road – Australian fashion brand Country Road makes clothing set to a very high standard: all of their clothing is made in fair factories that are vetted by them, they use sustainable materials, and reduce waste wherever possible. Plus their men’s line is filled with sleek button down shirts, blazers and jeans for the modern man.

Wunderwerk – When it comes to producing sustainable and ethical clothing, this German brand truly is “wunder”ful. They use natural and organic materials like cotton and TENCEL, while also ensuring that more than 90% of their production takes place in Europe and comply with high ethical standards. Plus, their casual menswear is both comfortable and stylish. Ja, please.

Know the Origin – When it comes to transparency, Know The Origin is all over it. They can track each piece of their organic and fair trade clothing from seed to garment, fro India all the way to London. Plus, their minimal menswear line is perfect for everyday wear. A brand of basics that’s anything but.


Thought – Thought has been making ethical clothing for more than 20 years, and it’s no wonder: they use force-of-nature fabrics like bamboo and cotton, their designed are created to outlast the seasons, and they’re even founding partners of the Ethical Fashion Forum, a nonprofit that champions ethical production. With Thought, you won’t have to think twice.

Bleed– German ethical fashion brand Bleed is all about nature. Not only is their vegan clothing designed for use outdoors, but they use materials that are especially eco friendly, like cork, hemp, linen and even recycled polyester. Between their innovative materials and their love for all things outdoors, it’s no wonder why they bleed for nature.