The Hottest Ethical Dresses to Bring in the New Year

We are coming up on the New Year, which means its time to think about what we want to get out of the next 365 days. There are so many different goals to work towards, whether it means helping yourself or others, and resolving to make better ethical choices is a great way to go; but you don’t have to wait until January 1 to be a more conscious consumer . That’s why we’ve made a list of some gorgeous, ethically made dresses for you to wear to your holiday parties this season – and for you to inspire others while you celebrate.

Viktoria&woods - Dress.jpg

Viktoria & Woods – We absolutely adore the selection of dresses from Viktoria & Woods this season. The sporty-luxe brand uses high quality materials and, wherever possible, aims to use textiles with lower carbon footprints. Plus, all of their clothing is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia is made locally. Smart and sexy.

Kowtow Clothing - White Dress.jpg

Kowtow - Kowtow’s ethical line starts with certified 100% organic cotton, is grown by farmers who are treated with respect and are paid fair wages, and is coloured with non-hazardous dyes. They are proud of their seed to garment transparency, and Kowtow’s line is filled with minimalist and versatile garments. With items that can be dressed up or down, Kowtow’s line can proudly be worn nearly anytime and anywhere.

Eileen Fisher.jpg

EILEEN FISHER - As one of the world’s leading sustainable fashion brands, EILEEN FISHER hopes to inspire all other fashion brands to make more conscious choices with their production lines. Eileen only uses organic and sustainable fibers, and manufactures her clothing in the USA. With an EF dress, you’ll look cool and classic while bringing in the New Year.


DEVINTO - The ethical clothing brand DEVINTO is an eco conscious label based in the US that designs and produces their garments locally. Using natural and eco-friendly fabrics, DEVINTO makes garments that are sophisticated, edgy and highly expressive. Here, you’ll easily find the perfect LBD that is uniquely, and consciously, made.


Mila.Vert - Mila.vert cares a lot about transparency – that’s why they collaborate with local family-owned sewing companies, use fabrics with at least 90% of environmentally friendly fibres, and even pack purchased items into cotton bags in lieu of creating packaging waste. The Slovenia-based womenswear brand makes versatile garments that are not only pretty looking, but also pretty well made.