Find Your Ethical Sole Mate With These Sleek Heel Brands

Every woman has that one pair of shoes that make her feel like she could take over the world. Whether it’s a pair of brogues or a stylish pair of booties, wearing a great set of shoes can make your day feel so much better. If you haven’t found your sole mate yet, check out one of these brands to find the perfect heels for you.


Everlane – From their day heels to their pumped up boots, Everlane’s line of shoes is made to outlast the trends. Not only is their style on point, but so is their transparency: they produce only in fair factories, they’re open about costs and they even donate money to partner organizations, like the ACLU. How can you not fall in love with them?


Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather – Good Guys is the first French vegan shoe brand that makes pairs for men and women. All of their designs are made in Paris while the shoes themselves are manufactured in an ethical factory in Portugal. There’s only one thing we have left to say to this PETA approved brand: j’adore!

Nisolo – If this brand sounds familiar, it’s because we absolutely love them. Each pair of shoes from Nisolo is thoughtfully designed using responsibly sourced leather, is created by fairly paid workers around the world, and is styled to last many fashion seasons. With a strict set of standards for their factories, Nisolo is changing the ways of today’s fast fashion industry.

RAFA – This ethical shoe brand based in Los Angeles is designed and hand-crafted by a group of just 20 artisans. RAFA creates retro-inspired designs that use eco friendly, animal-free materials and sustainable processes to make their line of classy pumps. 

Bourgeois Boheme – You don’t have to be vegan to love Bourgeois Boheme, because their gorgeous line of animal-free shoes is pretty much guaranteed to change your mind about faux leather. They only use high quality materials made under ethical conditions in Portugal. Their heels come in neutral colours, which mans they’re perfect for every day wear. And let’s be honest, you’ll have a hard time wanting to take them off.