Denim That Feels More Than Just Good on Your Skin

After so many years as everyone's casual go-to, jeans are about to become a big thing in 2017. These stylish and versatile pants work year round and add some edge to any outfit. Whether you like sleek black ones, classic blue ones, or fun colourful ones, you’ll be sure to fall in love with one of these brands.

MUD Jeans – If you haven’t heard of MUD Jeans yet, you should: this Dutch denim brand has built a completely circular economy, which means they produce practically no waste. Their jeans are made from recycled denim, they allow you to use and return any of their pieces that you have, and they even upcycle used jeans and resell them. It’s a sustainable denim brand made for your soul.

Kuyichi – For anyone who’s ever bought a pair of organic jeans before, you have Kuyichi to thank: the innovators at this Amsterdam-based brand are behind the very first organic pair. On top of that, Kuyichi is committed to preventing textile waste, reducing their impact on the environment, and choosing ethical factories for their production. They’re truly gotten responsibility and style at the forefront.

Nudie Jeans - Black Skinny.jpg

Nudie Jeans – Nudie Jeans has a bear-it-all type of transparency. Their products are made with 100% organic cotton denim, they support fair trade workers, and even recycle old denim products.  They’ll even send a repair kit for your worn Nudies so you can keep them even longer. Nudie knows best!


Monkee Genes – This wild denim brand was born in 2006 in order to bring trendy, affordable, and conscious jeans to the market. Monkee states that everyone involved in the production is paid fair living wages, and all of their denim is organic. Between their eco and ethical consciousness, Monkee Genes will have you going bananas.

SOURCE Denim – SOURCE is one brand that focuses on local production and great materials: their denim is produced with natural, biodegradable material that replaces harsh chemicals, their jeans are made with fresh, raw denim, and they produce their items in a family-owned, LA-based workshop. It’s comfortable, durable and sustainable – that’s better denim for you.