Forget Diamonds, Day Dresses are a Girl's Best Friend

For those relaxing beach days or Sunday morning brunch, a breezy day dress is exactly what’s needed. And if you’re struggling to find the perfect ethical dress, don’t worry: you can relax even more knowing that your gorgeous garment was made with eco-friendly materials and with fair production practices. Check them out:


Tina + Jo – From flowy rompers to beachy dresses, Tina + Jo really can’t go wrong. All of their garments are individually hand-dyed and eco-friendly, plus all their garment and fabric production is local. Even if you’re not from California, you’ll feel like a sun-kissed star in one of these beautiful garments.


Oats – We are head over heels this Australian womenswear brand, which is locally made by a mother and daughter pair. The team is clearly inspired by retro and vintage designs, with an emphasis on simplicity and femininity. This locally-made brand uses beautiful bows and solid colours for all of their gorgeous designs. All that’s left to find are the perfect accessories.

Blluemade – All of Blluemade’s breezy dresses are made with organic flax – yes, that stuff you put in your granola- that is spun into luxurious linen. All of their production is sustainable, from the organic raw materials to the carbon-neutral mill where the flax is turned into linen. These fibers, which are even more eco-friendly than organic cotton, become softer and more comfortable with wear, so you’ll never have to worry about wearing it too much.


Souldaze – Designer Domitilla Mattei created Souldaze to create vintage-inspired day dresses that are both beautiful and sustainable. All of their clothing include materials that are natural, recycled, surplus or vintage, which prevents extra waste from going into circulation. By rerouting these materials from landfill, Souldaze redefines the statement: “One person’s trash is another one’s treasure.”

MARIE HELL – This conscious clothing brand is getting back to basics with their commitment to slow fashion and ethical manufacturing standards. MARIE HELL believes, “You don’t need a million things in your closet... just a few that you love.” Fortunately all of their minimalist day dresses will fit into anyone’s style, making it perfectly versatile and unique.