Ethical Boots to Warm your Sole This Winter

The Aussie winter is in full swing, which means you’ve probably been layering up and getting cosy in your favourite scarves, long sleeve tops and your winter shoes. However, if you’re lacking in the boot department, there’s no need to wait any longer for your next ones. Slide into a pair that are consciously produced and designed with high quality, sustainable materials. Take a look at our current favourites below.

Mamahuhu – This shoe brand turns to the skilled artisans of Colombia to create all of their high quality leather shoes. And rather than employing these workers, Mamahuhu supports them to set up their own workshops. Every one of them is treated fairly, with flexible working hours and 50% higher payment. Plus, their boots are the perfect complement to every winter outfit.

Alice + Whittles – Wellies are the best year round boots, and thanks to Alice + Whittles, they’re also completely ethical. Made with all natural, vegan and organic materials, Alice + Whittles creates rain boots that are created consciously. From their fair labour standards to their minimalist, high quality design, you’ll be eagerly waiting for a rainy day.

Will’s Vegan Shoes – With the vegan food movement rising, so too is the vegan shoe movement, and Wills is leading the pack. Using high quality faux leather, Wills creates gorgeous shoes and accessories for men and women that are produced without harm to people or the animals.  With fair prices and their collection of versatile boots, you’ll want to keep them on all season long.

Insecta Shoes – Say goodbye to seasonal shoes and hello to the gorgeous year round boots from Insecta. This Brazilian vegan shoe brand makes the coolest fair trade designs by transforming used clothing and recycled plastic bottles. In just two years, they’ve reused 2100 pieces of clothing, 1000 two-litre PET bottles – and they're paving the way for a new era of ethical fashion.

Bourgeois Boheme – When it comes to ethically made shoes, Bourgeois Boheme truly covers it all: their footwear is ethically handmade in Portugal, they use innovative fabrics like pineapple skin and cork, and all of their shoes are animal-free. So now you finally have an excuse to wear the same shoes all year round.