We've Got Your Back with these Ethical Backpacks

Gone are the days when backpacks were just for schoolchildren. From classic leather rucksacks to sturdy travel packs, a backpack is the epitome of fashion and function for both girls and guys. And when they’re consciously made with the environment in mind, they become that much cooler. Keep reading to learn more about the backpack brands we love right now.

Stone & Cloth – This backpack brand takes ethical fashion to the next level. A portion of the profits from each backpack they sell goes to providing education scholarships for children in need. Plus, Stone & Cloth's bags are produced in limited batches from a sew shop in LA making them low waste, good quality, and incredibly stylish.

Angela Roi - Ethical luxury brand Angela Roi shows that animal free fashion can still be classic and stylish. On top of their use of vegan leather, they work responsibly with four factories in Seoul to produce their gorgeous bags, and they even donate money to local animal shelters. It’s like your favourite childhood backpack, all grown up.

Duffle & Co - Inspired by local artisans and handmade items, Duffle & Co is one modern ethical bag brand that loves tradition. “By bringing it back to the people, we can re-imagine fashion without compromising on style or costing the earth,” they write. All of their backpacks are made with quality materials like hemp and reclaimed leather, and are free from harmful chemicals. It’s one backpack you’ll never want to put down.

[paper.] - This Berlin-based responsible fashion label is crafting seriously cool rucksacks from a unique paper material. They even source the majority of their materials within the EU, supporting local producers and saving energy. With their minimalist, unisex style, [paper.] is out to change the industry one backpack at a time.


O My Bag – When it comes to ethical bags, Amsterdam-based brand O My Bag is where it’s at. All of their bags are made with ecoleather, which means they 1) use an organic tanning method that doesn’t use harmful chemicals, 2) factory workers are treated fairly and are paid proper wages, and 3) their hide is sourced close to their factory. Eco has never looked so good.