Moyo Trends is here to inspire you, to bring you some of our favourite ethical fashion brands, and to show off the trends we are loving this season. These articles were written just for conscious consumers like you, to show you how easy it is to be an ethical shopper. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or a new garment to treat yourself with, we feature lists of gorgeous clothing, adorable accessories, and interviews and articles of new up-and-coming ethical brands for you to discover. Keep reading to get inspired on how to beautify yourself, and the world, through your conscious choices.


Man Up With These Ethical Menswear Brands

There are so many amazing ethical clothing brands out there that are inspiring others and changing the fashion industry as we know it. But with so many of them catering specifically to women, we decided to seek out the brands that are all about men’s clothing. Compassion is genderless and there are plenty of brands to discover. These are some of the ones we liked best.


Ring, Ring, Ring! Ethical Rings To Fall In Love With

From statement makers to the simple and classic, rings can tell a lot about your personality. And the way they’re sourced, made and designed can tell a lot about the brand you’re buying from. Ethical jewellery can sometimes fall by the wayside to things like clothing and shoes, but we’re here to guide you to the best brands for ethical rings. Look below to see the ring brands we are loving right now.


Ethical Scarves That Are Perfect For Every Season

A scarf is just about the perfect accessory: it’s interseasonal, it pulls any look together and it almost always makes a statement. Each scarf is unique, especially if it comes from an ethical fashion brand. Between hand making, traditional techniques and clean dyes, choosing ethical is always the way to go when it comes to scarves.


Ethical boots to warm your sole this winter

The Aussie winter is in full swing, which means you’ve probably been layering up and getting cosy in your favourite scarves, long sleeve tops and your winter shoes. However, if you’re lacking in the boot department, there’s no need to wait any longer for your next ones. Slide into a pair that are consciously produced and designed with high quality, sustainable materials. 


Ethical t-shirts that are anything but basic

There’s nothing like a T-shirt to give a classic casual vibe to your outfit. From a great graphic print to a plain white tee, a T-shirt can add the perfect touch to make an outfit uniquely yours. And when they’re made from a brand that cares about their materials and their workers, you can feel a million times better supporting them.


Gone are the days when backpacks were just for schoolchildren. From classic leather rucksacks to sturdy travel packs, a backpack is the epitome of fashion and function for both girls and guys. And when they’re consciously made with the environment in mind, they become that much cooler.


Break a Sweat in Our Favourite Ethical Active wear Brands

The one thing your workout gear should never do is hold you back. That means choosing pieces that you know will inspire and motivate you to do your best. Right now, we are loving these ethical active wear brands that are shunning fast fashion in favour of ethically made, eco-friendly garments – so you can break a sweat without breaking a sweat.


Get Happy Feet With Trainers from Our Favourite Ethical Brands

Some train, others train harder. Just like these ethical trainer brands we are loving right now. From vegan to all-natural, we’ve found the perfect pairs for everyone out there.


The Coolest Ethical Coats to Keep You Warm All Winter

Wear your heart on your coat sleeve this winter by choosing stylish and sustainable outerwear. We’ve found some amazing ethical fashion brands that will get you excited for the colder months ahead.


find your ethical sole mate with these sleek heel brands

Pumps, heels, stilettos, booties. You really can't go wrong with heels, but finding the perfect pair can take time. Fortunately we've done the hard work for you. Take a look to find out some of the high heel shoe brands we are loving right now.


the ethical skirts every womAn should have in her wardrobe

From mini to maxi, wearing the right skirt can make you feel extra flirty. And with the seasons changing, it’s time to find the perfect one for your capsule wardrobe. Check out the skirt brands we know you'll fall in love with.


CAP OFF YOUR FAVOURITE OUTFIt with one of these ethically made hats

The thing we love most about hats is that they’re always in season. And if you think you’re not a hat person, think again: throwing on a hat before you run out the door is a foolproof way to make a statement without saying a word. From beanies to berets, a well-made hat can last you years without ever going out of season. And when it’s made with eco-friendly materials, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing sustainability for style.


ETHical work wear worthy of a promotion

These gorgeous work wear brands can inspire your coworkers by showing them that eco-fashion has seriously evolved. Looking professional and supporting ethical brands aren’t mutually exclusive. And we’re here to help – check out these brands we love that’ll help you get ahead and stay ahead.


Eco Friendly Products That Will Give You Healthy, Happy Hair

With an endless array of shampoos and conditioners to choose from at the drug store, it’s not easy to pick out the most eco friendly and ethical brands. But we're here to break the cycle.


Find Your (Re)Purpose With Our Favourite Repurposed Fashion Brands

Being eco-friendly is all about the R’s: reduce, reuse recycle...and repurpose. Thanks to sustainable fashion brands, repurposing is becoming the new normal, and garbage is becoming a thing of the past.


forget diamonds, day dresses are a girls best friend

Everyone needs a simple day dress that they can throw on and still look gorgeous. Check out these lovely brands we’ve found that will fit perfectly into anyone’s closet. When they’re consciously made using sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, they’re a best friend for life. Whether you love simple, classic designs or retro-inspired dresses, you won’t go wrong with any of these brands.


Sandals that will give you a spring in your step

Putting your best foot forward is easy thanks to these amazing ethical sandal brands. From artisan-made to vegan leather sandals, you’ll easily find a gorgeous pair for yourself – or even two.



Whether you wear makeup every day or just for special occasions, purchasing from ethical cosmetic brands is something we should all do. And these brands are hard to resist - with beautiful natural pigments, organic ingredients and recyclable packaging, find out which ethical makeup brands we are loving right now.


the perfect vegan handbags as your arm candy

Wallets and tote bags and satchels, oh my! We have fallen head over heels for these leather-free handbags. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to love these ethical vegan purse brands – just one peek and you’ll understand why we adore this cruelty-free fashion.


sunglasses brands that are anything but shady

When we think of sustainable closets, we don’t always think about our sunglasses. Everyone has their favourite pair of sunnies, but finding out where they come from and how they’re made is a completely different story. If you’re interested in finding some ethical and sustainable sunglasses, check out the blazing hot brands below to see what we’ve discovered.


Sexy and sustainable v-DAY underwear brands you'll love

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is that it gives you a reason to love everyone. Whether that’s to yourself, your family and friends, or your significant other, no type of love should be neglected. If you’re looking to treat yourself with something sweet and sexy, we’ve got your back. Check out these beautiful underwear brands that will help you spread the love this V-Day.


Yoga mats that will keep your heart and soul pure

Yoga is a place to relax and meditate, so the last thing you want is for your yoga mat to stress you out. Whether you practice it at home, in a studio, or in nature, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your yoga mat was made with toxic ingredients. Fortunately we’ve found some amazing brands that use natural materials and sustainable practices


Denim that feels more than just good on your skin

Say good-bye to leggings and hello to some new denim jeans! These versatile bottoms are a go classic go-to making a big splash in 2017. If you're looking to get into something a little more stylish, that gives you more than just a great shape, click here to discover our new favourite brands


ESSential Ethical travel bags for your holiday

Now that the New Year has finally arrived, you’re probably looking to make a few changes. If any of your resolutions includes travelling more, being more eco-friendly, or being a better consumer, we’re here to help. Check out this list before your next trip and you’ll easily adhere to your 2017 promises.


The best ethical gifts that your best friend will love

Your bestie seriously deserves the best(ie). When shopping for her gift this holiday season, get inspired by some of these ethical fashion and skincare brands that we love. Click here to discover our current favourites. 


THE HOTTEST ethical dresses to bring in the new year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, finally! With so much festive joy going around, you might need a go-to dress to wear to your friends’ and families’ holiday celebrations. Find out the best places to shop for your ethical wardrobe here.


The Perfect Ethical Gifts for your Man

This holiday season, you don’t want to give your boy any old gift. Giving a gift is something special and choosing one isn’t always easy. But where to find something that’s stylish, functional and consciously made? Fortunately we’ve got a list of our top places to look for the perfect holiday gift for your man.



Ethical dresses? Check. Ethical shoes? Yes. Ethical yogawear? Absolutely! If you’re looking for some amazing athleticwear brands that are making a real difference in the world, look no further. Now, finding some gorgeous gear is as easy as child’s pose. 



So far Moyo has introduced you to dozens of our favourite clothing brands, but now we want to show you some amazing skincare brands that we’ve discovered. From all-natural to cruelty-free, we’ve found a range of products for everyone.



If accessories are the spice of life, then ethical jewellery is the secret ingredient. From fair-mined gold to recycled precious metals, these pieces are beautiful from start to finish. Find out which brands made it to the top of our ethical list here.


watch out here are our favourite ethical time pieces

Watch out! We’ve got a brand new list of our favourite ethical brands. If you’re looking for a timeless timepiece, click here to see which eco-friendly watch brands we love.


WALK IN STYLE - ethical shoes brands to match your sTEP

If you have a spiritual relationship with shoes, we understand completely. That’s why we’ve created the perfect list of ethical shoe brands for every type of shoe you’ll need. Find a few sole sisters and check out these brands to get your fix for next season.


our FIVE favourite ETHICAL jumperS FOR winter

While the chilly Australian winter is bringing out the blues, There's only one thing we want to do on those cold winter days: snuggle up on the couch with a cup of tea and our favourite jumper. We have been looking for the cutest and comfiest jumpers to stay warm in. Check out our list of cozy sweaters that are as gorgeous as they are ethical.


The Best Ethical Swimwear Brands for your Holiday

Don't we all wish to be sitting on a beach right now? If you're lucky enough to be cruising through summer or going on holiday to visit a sunny spot, we've got a list of our favourite ethical swimsuit brands for you to show off!