Every item that we feature on Moyo has been chosen because it has been made with ethics in mind. Whether that involves several different ethical aspects, or just one, these labels will help you decide exactly how you want to help the world with your purchase. It isn’t about which ethical product is more or less ethical; buying a garment or a piece of jewellery from our website ensures that you are making a positive impact on the planet and other individuals. So often we don’t see what goes on in the production process - how are the employees treated, and are they being paid properly? Are the materials that are used fair-trade, grown organically, or natural?  With these labels, you will be able to find pieces that suit your unique interests, which will make it that much easier when making your ethical choice. 

E T H I C A L – An ethical product is something that was made consciously, which includes where materials and fabrics are sourced, as well as how the employees are treated and paid. Each and every step of the production process has been made with ethics in mind, so you can be sure that this product isn't negatively impacting people or the planet in any way, and that your goods are made fairly through every step of the supply chain.


F A I R   T R A D E – Buying fair trade products from ethical fashion brands means a fair price is paid during the creation of the product, which helps to increase the world’s demand for it. All the materials and individuals who created these beautiful items are paid fairly for their services and goods.


L O C A L L Y   M A D E – We know that distribution of products across the globe creates a heavy impact on the environment, so we give our shoppers the option to buy locally made pieces. Buying locally means you are able to support your own local economy as well as individuals close to you and reduce your carbon footprint.


R E C Y C L E D – We love when ethical fashion brands reuse something that could have been thrown into a landfill by turning it into a beautiful product. This transformation re-purposes and renews old materials into high quality items made with care, and helps reduce the amount of waste on the planet.



O R G A N I C – Organic means that the product is free from nasty chemicals and ingredients that are used in mainstream manufacturing processes. These organic products were responsibly made with less waste and water pollution to help you maintain a natural look and style.


E C O   F R I E N D L Y – These eco-friendly products are guaranteed to have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional fashion pieces. Whether they are labelled as such because of how they are made during manufacturing, or because purchasing them contributes to a special developing community or wildlife fund, they are as friendly as they can be to the environment.


N A T U R A L   I N G R E D I E N T S – Every part of this product contains naturally derived ingredients, so you can say “so long” to synthetics. With no nasty chemicals, bad dyes or hidden health risks, this product is made from 100% natural ingredients.



V E G A N – From start to finish, these products and their packaging have been created with no animals or animal byproducts, making a completely cruelty-free item.


S U S T A I N A B L E – Sustainability in fashion means the products you are buying do not negatively impact the environment or the planet’s ecosystem. These products ensure to replenish the natural resources in the same quantity in which are used, such as with wood or cotton. All of our sustainable items will make you, and the planet, very happy.