Zady - New York

It’s such a common scene – you wake up in the morning, take less than 20 minutes to eat and groom, and then spend the next 40 minutes trying to figure out what to wear. So it goes in today’s fashion world where quantity is valued higher than quality. But ethical fashion brand Zady is here to change that.

Zady is one clothing brand that is all about versatility, sustainability, and quality. Their mission is summed up very simply: “We’re making clothes what they should be: Clothes that fit. Clothes that feel great. Pieces that inspire.”

The brand is shunning today’s model of fast fashion, along with its unnecessary amounts of waste, poor quality, and workers who aren’t paid fairly. That’s why Zady’s line of men and women’s clothing is totally sustainable, using all-natural materials like organic cotton, linen and wool. Each item page even describes the origins of their materials and where it was knit. It’s all a part of their efforts to promote the slow fashion movement.


Their focus is to create timeless, well-made pieces so that you don’t need to fill your wardrobe with tons of excess. With items like classy and classic trench coats, men’s oxford button downs, and sleek everyday pants, Zady is as versatile as can be. “We start with the user,” they write. “Instead of fabricating a ‘trend, we design our clothing with living in mind. This means we’re focused on what we create and every last detail of design.”

The reason we love Zady so much is because their label isn’t solely focused on quality – it’s truly about spreading a positive message, keeping production local, and being a leader in the slow fashion movement. Oh, and keeping each and every stylish citizen looking and feeling amazing.