Will's Vegan Shoes - London

Friends of Moyo World - Will's Vegan Shoes - London

For anyone who’s looking for a great buy that’s both human and animal approved, look no further than Will's Vegan Shoes. Wills is dedicated to designing shoes and accessories that are made ethically and without harming animals in the process.

Creator Will Green started the brand with a passion to provide animal and human-friendly shoes with high-street styles and prices. While many faux leather shoes are inexpensive, they usually don’t last more than one season; however, Wills' affordable and eco-friendly footwear uses high quality vegan leather to keep your mind (and feet) happy.

“My dream is to bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically produced vegan shoes.”
— Will Green

Will's Vegan Shoes is dedicated to an animal- and human-friendly process. In addition to making leather-free shoes, Will's pays their workers fairly in accordance with European guidelines. We absolutely love seeing brands like Will's that truly care about ethics as much as they do fashion and quality.

Wills' line of vegan leather products is filled with contemporary designs that echo the latest trends. The range is created with microfibers that look, wear, breathe and resist water just like leather. Between summer sandals and winter boots, Will's provides options for shoes in every season for men and women, with prices that match high street boutiques. 

“Buying something well-made saves money, provides something to cherish and is better for our environment. Best of all, my shoes match the high street prices, dropping the barriers to living an ethical life.”
— Will Green

For anyone looking to make more ethical choices, Will's is a great option. Not only are their shoes affordable, but you can also feel good about buying their quality products that are good for us, for the environment, and for the animals. Will's is one brand truly making an all around positive change, and that’s something all ethical consumers, vegetarian or not, can stand behind.