Will + Bear - Melbourne

Making the switch to a more eco-friendly wardrobe shouldn’t mean that you have to give up your style. From the bottom up, your entire sustainable outfit should never compromise your style or your ethics. And while some ethical accessories like hats are hard to come by, Will + Bear is here to change that.

Melbourne-based ethical headwear brand Will + Bear has plenty of love for the outdoors. Their hats are crafted with respect for nature, and are “inspired by the environments we play in.” It’s why they’ve chosen to make all of their hats by hand using 100% Australian wool. Using this naturally produced, biodegradable and renewable material was an obvious choice when looking at the most sustainable materials. And handcrafting each hat makes Will + Bear’s pieces both unique and classic.

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In addition to these practices, Will + Bear has taken steps to give back to nature by planting 10 trees for every hat sold. Since starting, they’ve planted nearly 30,000 thanks to individuals who support their brand. Partnering with trees.org, Will + Bear’s commitment to the environment goes above and beyond by paying respect to nature.

Buy a hat, and plant a forest on us. Preserve the places we play in.
— Will + Bear

Each hat is made in unisex styles for anyone and everyone who wants to look special on their next adventure. Neither too funky nor too simple, each hat from Will + Bear’s collection is perfectly suited for any type of outdoor adventure. From picnicking to hiking, these hats are versatile and durable enough to make it through all of your travels.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, Will + Bear is the perfect ethical accessory brand. For them, being a nature lover goes beyond just taking hikes. By taking responsibility for their choices and choosing sustainable practices, Will + Bear shows the fashion world that you why loving nature and respecting it can go hand in hand.