Vege Threads - Melbourne

Friends of Moyo World - Vege Threads, Melbourne

Vege Threads is an ethical fashion brand that checks off all the boxes. Their label is special not only in the beautifully simplistic pieces they create, but for the emphasis they place on the environment and sustainability. This ethical brand is committed to being just that: they use organic materials, run the company locally in Melbourne, and make clothing using all natural products.

Vege Threads places sustainability and a shift towards conscious living at the forefront, and looks to provide desirable alternatives for those wanting more from their clothing choices. They are known for their minimalist basics that appeal to all shoppers, as well as their comfortable, everyday fabrics.

This season’s AW16 collection reflects their all-natural quality, with lots of neutrals and classic shapes. They also offer a bright and colourful yoga collection, as well as a swim collection, lovely knit wool sweaters, and clothing for men.

Their sustainable clothing is made from a number of eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton, hemp, 100% Australian wool, or Modal, an all natural fibre made with wood pulp cellulose from beech trees. All of their dyes are derived naturally from plants, are Australian Certified Organic, and are free from pollutants. This dedication to sustainability shows that Vege Threads is more than just a fashion company – they are leaders in a growing movement to help the planet.

“The focus on sustainability continues to be a priority for Vege Threads.”


Vege Threads’ decision to embrace 100% Australian production shows their commitment to remain a totally ethical brand. Head designer and Founder of Vege Threads, Amy Roberts, has encouraged collaboration with other Australian designers as a way to bring local creatives together and explore conscious living. 2015/16 has seen Amy collaborate with Adelaide ethical shoemaker BB Shoes, Melbourne musician, Lisa Mitchell, and upcoming Melbourne Bamboo sanitary pad company, Tsuno.

From start to finish, Vege Threads considers every part of the design process. They have chosen to limit their use of plastic packaging and invest in environmentally friendly, recycled alternatives. This extends to their printing, tags and promotional material. To them, every production element is important, and their choices reflect a passion for helping the environment and changing the way clothing is produced.

Not only does Vege Threads produce beautifully simple and timeless ethical clothing, but the importance they place on sustainability is exceptionally detailed – which means they can feel good about their brand, and shoppers can feel good about supporting them.