Tluxe - Sydney

Finding clothing that is consciously made with comfort in mind can be a struggle. But making positive choices for the future of our planet, the oceans, and its people doesn’t have to be. Especially when there are ethical fashion brands like Tluxe, which are making a difference through their transparency and sustainable practices.

Ethical lifestyle brand Tluxe is based in Sydney, Australia. And by saying that, they don’t just mean their headquarters: in fact, all of their garments are designed and produced in Sydney, by manufacturers who adhere to Ethical Clothing Australia standards. Plus, they’re one of the first members of the industry body Ethical Fashion Forum.

In addition to their commitment to ethical manufacturing, Tluxe makes a conscious effort to use materials that are earth-friendly and all-natural. Using organic and ethically sourced yarns like locally-grown bamboo, GOTS certified organic cotton and Merino wool, Tluxe is able to make collections that are both high quality and super comfortable.

One fabric they love to use is called Cupro: a regenerated fibre made from cotton linters, which are byproducts of the cotton industry. Using this silky soft byproduct helps to reduce waste and is a great vegan alternative to real silk.

We approach design with the idea that garments should remain functional within a wardrobe - being ‘fashion forward’ without following trends.
— Tluxe

The best part about Tluxe garments is that you don’t need a special occasion to wear them. They’ve got a range of casual and dressy pieces that are made for comfort, whether that’s a brunch outing or a cozy afternoon at home. With tops, dresses, pants, and accessories made in neutral colours like blue, black and stripes, Tluxe’s style is perfectly timeless so you’ll never feel off-trend.

Tluxe’s commitment to ethical production, natural materials and high-quality garments is what makes them a powerhouse in the ethical fashion industry. And with their comfortable yet luxurious garments, you never have to give up fashion for function.