Tina+Jo - Los Angeles

Whether or not you live by the beach, ocean-inspired clothing is for everyone. From their long, breezy silhouettes to short and strappy ones, nature and water are a source of beauty we can observe every single day. In fact, it’s what started ethical brand Tina+Jo to build their eco-friendly line of womenswear.

Tina+Jo, founded in 2012, is influenced by Southern California style and uses soft colours, fluid silhouettes and abstract shapes to make their unique clothing line.

Our hand-dyes emerged through the nostalgic vibes of the 70s soul sister; playing with color fusion, creating abstract shapes, and a romantic mood.
— Tina+Jo

Even though their style gives off some great carefree vibes, the brand is anything but careless. Every garment is individually hand-dyed and eco-friendly, and their fabric and garment production is all sourced locally in LA. Recyclable fibers and low-impact dyes are a focal point throughout all of their collections.


The classic Tina+Jo style is somewhere between 70s hippie and effortless-chic. Just take a look at their casual strappy dresses, comfy rompers and flowy tops: each one is completely unique and clearly nature-influenced. And with their focus on using high-quality fabrics, each one of their pieces will last all the way through until next summer.

With fashion trends that change every few weeks, keeping up can be a challenge and a waste. But fortunately Tina+Jo understand that sustainability and versatility is so much more important than whatever just stepped off the runway. Plus, their minimalist garments and timeless styles mean they’re fashionable enough to be worn wherever the sun shines.