The Road - Australia

13.64 is the magical number for The Road. For $13.64, you can get a tee made by millers and cotton growers and factory workers who are all paid fair wages. The Road’s transparency as an ethical fashion brand brings this point home, by showing people that cheaper isn’t always better.

The Road has a powerful and thought provoking message to those who purchase clothing at fast-fashion stores: “If you ever see a tee shirt for this price again, we promise you it’s not the designer, or the person who built the website, or the person who wrote the product description that didn’t get paid. It’s the grower, it’s the sewer, it’s the kid who drank the water in the river the tee shirt poisoned.”

The director and designer of The Road, Nikki McAllum, is completely aware of the implications of the fashion industry on the planet and its beings. Before creating the brand, she worked in commercial fashion and was oblivious to the practices that the fashion industry supported. When she learned about a devastating building collapse in Bangladesh, she decided to quit the fashion industry and leave for good.

Ethics are not a luxury, but good values don’t come cheap.
— The Road

However, she quickly realized nothing would change unless she stood up for what she believed in. “So, I took a deep breath, let go of my disgust and decided to put myself back into the centre of one of the dirtiest businesses on the planet,” she said, and The Road was born.


The Road’s style is all about the basics. They’ve got men and women’s tops, undergarments, and tanks. And of course, everything is made with sustainably sourced cotton and waste-free dyes. They pay their workers proper wages that give them vacation time health care benefits, a retirement fund and more – something that shouldn’t have to be viewed as a luxury.

One reason we love The Road is that they know everyone has good values, and their goal is to bring those values out by supporting fair and sustainable practices. As long as individuals understand the implications that fast fashion has on our planet, they can begin to create positive change.