THE M|N|ML – Brisbane

“Ethical, sustainable fashion isn't a trend, it's the new order.” So says Australian brand THE M|N|ML, an ethical label that places transparency and equality at their forefront. After taking a hard look at current fashion industry practices, THE M|N|ML has decided to be the change and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The brand is founded by creative sister duo Safa Itote, an experienced fashion designer, and Desta Cullen, a media professional – together they work to design and promote their ideal fashion line, one created with consciousness at every step of the way. “Our vision for THE M|N|ML is to create luxury basics so comfortable it’s like a second skin – minimal fuss, maximum style.

THE M|N|ML wants each purchase from their line to make a difference in the world, which is why they’ve instated their own donation program called Basics4Basics. They promise to clearly state the amount they donate from each piece, and to whom. They’ve agreed to partner with organisations large and small as their brand continues to grow; to start they’ve approached Yalari and AIME, two local charities that do great work through educational empowerment in Indigenous communities.

We are committed to creating positive change, while minimising the impact of the fashion industry on the world around us.

While their collection includes just three pieces, each one is both beautiful and versatile - perfect any minimalist closet. With low backs and loose fits, these organic cotton garments are made for summer nights and beach visits.

THE M|N|ML understands that there is negativity surrounding the sustainability of today’s fashion industry, but they’re hoping to change that. By being transparent, working with charitable organisations and using sustainable materials for their gorgeous garments, THE M|N|ML is redefining the basics.