Souldaze - Rome

There’s a special feeling you get when you see a gorgeous piece of clothing. It’s a mixture of anticipation and wonderful expectations – it’s the feeling you’ll get when you take a look at any of the pieces from Souldaze Collection, an ethical fashion line from Rome.

Souldaze Collection, developed by a former interior designer named Domitilla Mattei, was created in 2015 to make a conscious fashion brand by using high quality, eco-friendly materials and manufacturing. Working on interior design as well as a swimwear line has inspired Mattei to evolve into her own ready to wear brand.

All of their garments are designed and manufactured locally, and the fabrics used to create their garments include materials that are natural, recycled, surplus or vintage. This allows them to reduce waste by using fabrics that are already in circulation, and bypass wasteful manufacturing procedures. In addition to their sustainable materials, Souldaze Collection only uses packaging made from recycled paper products. 

As for the garments, Souldaze Collection combines modern and retro styles to create their spectacular clothing line. They make gorgeous wrap dresses, bodysuits, high waisted trousers, jumpsuits, and a beautiful collection of women’s swimwear. Their mix of eclectic styles with simple, neutral patterns transforms eco wear into chic wear.

When it comes to this eco-friendly, sustainable fashion brand, there’s only one thing to say: do as the Romans.