SeeMe - Amsterdam

For ethical fashion brand SeeMe, creating a piece of jewellery is so much more than just the design. The brand stands behind the mantra: “The rights of women need to be defended everywhere in the world.” Since it launched in 2014, SeeMe has been employing women, usually single mothers, in the Middle East and North Africa, giving them the opportunity to flourish and support themselves.

Founder Caterina Occhiogot got to know the countries and peoples of the Middle East and North Africa while working as a European aid. Through these travels, she reported on the conditions of women, and discovered that many were victims of violence. SeeMe was therefore born as a safe haven, training centre and work place for women, often single mothers, otherwise deemed lost.

On top of being a safe resort and source of income for women in Tunisia and Lebanon, SeeMe has become a positive influence on established fashion brands around the world because of the ethical approaches they take. As of late, SeeMe has collaborated with iconic brands like Karl Lagerfeld and even Tommy Hilfiger to successfully spread their ethical message.

“The hearts are at the core of all our collections. They are links of the love chain we build to replace the chain of violence.”
— SeeMe

Hearts are the connecting symbol in all of SeeMe’s jewellery, and it’s easy to understand why. The brand was created to help support these women in every way possible, by employing them, connecting them to a group of strong women, and showing them that each individual truly matters.

Wearing one of SeeMe’s bracelets, necklaces or rings upholds a positive message for gender equality around the world. We encourage everyone to join their #HeartMovement because supporting brands like it means conscious consumers can change the face of fashion. For SeeMe, it’s so much more than just creating a beautiful product – it’s about making a difference in these women’s lives for good.