Reclamation Dept – California

Friends of Moyo World - Reclamation Dept, California

Vintage clothing is trending all over the place, whether it’s a simple steal from your grandmother’s old closet, or a piece from a chic secondhand store. For everyone who loves the idea of taking a part of history and making it your own, Reclamation Dept is the ethical fashion brand to know.

This small ethical brand makes bicycle bags, purses, jewellery, art and other items made from vintage military stock and recycled materials. With a slogan that reads “Renewing Gear from Yesteryear”, Reclamation Dept is dedicated to providing unique sustainable goods for the eco-conscious consumer.

Reclamation Dept is run by two lovely sisters, Heather and Casey, who consider themselves best friends and business soul mates. They took over the brand in spring of 2013, when the original founders, Mychele Woolley-Fly and Ben Pitts, decided to pass it on. Casey was their apprentice, and was ecstatic to take over the business and put her artistic and whimsical ideas to real life. Pulling Heather in to work alongside was an easy decision considering she is an experienced seamstress and has a great love for handcrafted goods.

Heather and Casey are bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts, avid thrifters, estate salers and general treasure hunters with a passion for repurposing vintage items and finding clever ways to recycle. Their passions have led to amazing, upcycled pieces that include a vintage Swiss Army breadbag and a vintage East German bike and belt pouch, which easily attaches to a bicycle. 

While their vintage pieces originate during times of discord, their ethical fashion brand is very much upbeat and exciting. The sisters are notorious in their community for being lovable goof balls, and their pieces show that beauty can emerge from something as harsh as war. 

These ladies are truly passionate about their products, and seeing their dedication to eco-friendly fashion is incredible to see. In addition to caring about their environmental impact, they are dedicated to giving life to vintage pieces, so individuals can develop their own stories behind their upcycled styles.