Pinch & Punch - Auckland

There’s always that awkward scene in a movie: you show up to a party after spending hours trying to pick the perfect outfit, and someone else is wearing the exact same thing. The world of mass fashion is upon us, but now thanks to ethical fashion company Pinch & Punch, quality always comes before quantity. 

Pinch & Punch is a New Zealand-based brand of men and women’s clothing that releases collections with limited edition garments. In fact, usually less than 20 of each design is produced, reflecting their awareness and respect for the environment.

Their eco-friendly process, which also includes locally made items, sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and linen, and recycled packaging, shows their commitment to producing a high quality, sustainable fashion line.

The brand checks off many other ethical boxes as well, like paying fair labour wages to local workers, and an important goal of zero waste production. “We are working on a project to use our textile scraps and turn them into a bi-product. Also we are dreaming up a collaboration with another company who can use our fabric remnants for their products,” they state on the Pinch & Punch website.

The best part about all of this ethical clothing is how beautifully simple each garment is. With items like easy shirtdresses and reversible camis for women, or stretch pants and wool jackets for men, Pinch & Punch offers pieces that are both durable and desirable.

One part we absolutely love about Pinch & Punch is that their sustainable endeavours aren’t stopping – they’re always researching further ways to offset their carbon footprint, and working with ecological charities to help spread the sustainable message. A company that is truly fighting for what it believes in, one pinch and one punch at a time.