P.i.C Style - London

If you haven’t heard, ethical fashion brand P.i.C Style believes that versatility is close to godliness. The London-based label’s collection is made up of just eight (yes, eight!) items, that can be mixed and matched into up to 50 different outfits.

The brand was founded by partners-in-crime Rhoda and Sarah, two women who were tired of the mass manufacturing, fast fashion industry: “It’s time to stop overbuying and instead choose stuff you love, and invest in it. We believe there is a better way.”

Their approach is simply to design a conscious collection of multifunctional clothing. They do this by using materials that are locally sourced, sustainable, and organic. In addition, P.i.C Style clothing is never mass-produced; in fact, their minimally produced clothing is made in a factory right in London.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the brand is how versatile each of their items is. They only sell eight different styles, which means each piece was thoroughly thought out, was made with purpose, and can fit into any wardrobe. The quality fabrics that are used were chosen to last, so an investment into one of their pieces will give you years of wear.

“We all need to care for this planet. But now it’s possible to care and look chic.”
— P.I.C

P.i.C’s eight beautiful and interchangeable garments can each come together to create over 50 contemporary looks. With basics like a clean white blouse, a lacy black strappy top, and adorable high waisted trousers, these were made for every woman’s closet.

Clothing is able to say so much about ourselves – it can convey how we are feeling, what we like, and where we’re going. P.i.C’s mission is simple: to put a new meaning, one of purpose and significance, back into our clothing. It’s a win for the planet, for society, and of course, for each one of us.