[paper.] - Berlin

With so much new technology coming out, it’s no wonder fashion brands are taking part in the “revolution”. From choosing new, reusable fibres to manufacturing new materials, ethical fashion brands are doing their part to make a more sustainable future. It’s why we love [paper.], a Berlin-based brand making backpacks out of – you guessed it – a new unique paper material.

Combining cellulose fibres and latex, [paper.] has designed their backpacks to be both durable and sustainable. It doesn’t stop there: they also use other eco friendly materials like tencel, hemp, and biodegradable polymer. These low impact materials provide a unique style and feel to each rucksack, and making it without animal products means a totally cruelty-free bag.

We believe the key to trust lies in transparency. Why? To make a difference. To question the current state of the fashion industry.
— [paper.]

Plus, the majority of their manufacturing is based right in Europe – their cellulose is responsibly sourced from Scandinavian forests, it’s processed in Germany and tanned in Italy. Choosing local manufacturing means they are able to reduce their carbon output and they know exactly who provides these resources.

[paper.] purposefully designed their backpacks without seasons in mind. That’s because they care about the environment, and they believe in a future where the fashion industry does good rather than harm. A simple backpack is something you can use year round, regardless of the weather and the trends. Even better - their minimalist design is versatile enough for men and women.

What we love most about ethical fashion is discovering all the innovations that fashion brands are making, whether that means choosing animal-free materials or working with factories that pay their workers fairly. [paper.] cares about all of these things, and shows us how important it is not to follow trends. It seems like all of their hard work, ironically, has turned them into trendsetters.