PALM Swimwear - Australia

Hot Australian summers call for lots of beach trips. But finding a new suit doesn’t have to contribute to more waste in the fashion industry. In fact, you could get your next stylish swimsuit from a brand that exclusively uses recycled materials – just take a look at PALM Swimwear.

This ethical swimsuit brand has committed to using very high quality Italian Lycra and ECONYL fibres, which are made from 100% recycled post-consumer materials. Additionally, each suit is chlorine resistant, provides shape-retention and UV protection.

Creative director Kate Furey decided to build the brand in 2014: “I started making swimwear for myself because I found it quite hard to find a simple black bikini. I couldn’t find anything.” The brand has some great ones to choose from, as well as several in neutral colors, prints, and some sexy one-pieces. Each one is highly unique and is produced to be both form fitting and functional, so you can run, surf, and play volleyball without having to worry about it slipping. 


With the creation of PALM, Furey is able to see how the fashion industry and consumers are changing. While the public is beginning to ask more questions about the fast fashion industry, the supply chains “are all working to be more ethically minded so they’re putting more pressure on the supply chain to provide more sustainable fabrics,” she says.

If you love visiting the beach when it's warm, make a choice that you know will have a positive impact on society, the planet, and of course, the oceans. The best part? You'll look super sleek and modern while doing it.