Ocean Zen - Australia

Friends of Moyo World - Ocean Zen, Australia

At Moyo, we are always looking for another great ethical brand, and we have stumbled on one that has truly blown us away. For all of us looking to combat the world’s growing desire for plastic, we want to introduce you to OceanZen's ethical bathing suits.

Steph Gabriel, founder of the brand and a graduate in Environmental Marine Science, has decided to take a sexy stance against the amount of plastic that ends up in the oceans. Just a few years ago, Steph decided to combine her passion for marine life and sustainability by creating OceanZen bikinis. This ethical brand is geared towards women who love the ocean, who do water sports, or anyone who frequents the beach. As a swimwear line, they pay respect to the ocean by producing sustainable swimsuits that help preserve the seas. 

Here’s how they do it: the fabric that OceanZen uses for their bikinis is sustainably derived from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean. The material starts out as these recycled pieces, but gets cleaned, finely chopped, and goes through a machine that turns it into thread. The yarn is completely sustainable because the recycled bottles and fishing nets are the only bases used. The high quality material turns into the lycra used for the OceanZen swim line. 

“We are doing our part in an innovative and creative way by supporting the removal of discarded waste in our oceans and recreating it into the softest, highest quality lycra swimwear.”
— Ocean Zen

For OceanZen, it's not just about awesome, functional, stylish and eye-catching bikinis; it’s about having an environmentally conscious ethical brand and combining their passions of marine conversation and swimwear. Steph says, “Ocean conservation is my heart and soul, as well as OceanZen. I have a lot of knowledge I want to share with people – it’s all about raising awareness.”

The ethical swimwear brand has been very successful in bringing awareness to the amount of plastic in our oceans, and in doing something about it. We love seeing ethical brands that are both passionate about their cause and are helping the world out in their own way. OceanZen has found a way to do exactly that, one bikini at a time.