Nomi Network - New York

We have loved exploring the different ways that fashion brands can be ethical, be it through sustainable and eco-friendly practices, or social justice. One brand that has really blown us away is Nomi Network, with a strong resolution to better the lives of women in vulnerable communities.

Nomi Network began after meeting a young survivor of sexual exploitation in Cambodia named Nomi. The founders of Nomi Network were inspired by her story and named the non-profit organisation for her and the millions of women who are vulnerable to sex trafficking in Cambodia and India.

Nomi is dedicated to training and equipping women leaders in these communities to be able to make quality, market ready products. By providing sustainable employment and working in partnership with their current support network, Nomi Network empowers these women to be confident in themselves and their futures.

Their mission is to create economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of trafficking by providing training, product development, and marketing support. They do this by recruiting activists of all kinds who volunteer alongside these women. Currently, their network includes writers, fashion designers, accountants, artists, and so many more. This amazing collection of volunteers allows these women to thrive, become self-confident, learn from professionals, and ultimately support themselves. 

“Every product you buy provides jobs for survivors and helps end modern-day slavery.”
— Nomi

Nomi sells great basics like organic cotton tees, upcycled tote bags, handwoven pillows, and even quilted iPad cases made from recycled rice bag material. Their products are beautifully simple and universal, and the proceeds are funneled back into fair wages and further training for the women.

Nomi’s ultimate goal is a beautiful one: to create 100,000 jobs for women at risk and survivors of trafficking by 2025. It’s just another huge step for women, and equality, around the world.