Nisolo - Nashville, USA

Nisolo is one ethical shoe brand whose impact is changing the way the world thinks about fashion. Their name, shortened from a Spanish phrase that translates to “not alone”, exemplifies their view that consumers are not alone in their ethical choices, which benefit both themselves and the world around them.

Nisolo began in 2011, shortly after Co-Founder & CEO, Patrick Woodyard, took a development job in Trujillo, Peru. After meeting dozens of incredibly talented workers, he knew that he wanted to share their creations with the rest of the world, and developed a line of shoes and accessories that have a positive impact on these workers, the local economy, and the earth.

As an ethical fashion brand, Nisolo is committed to ethical production and the wellbeing of its producers. The brand now connects Trujillo’s talented artisans with the international market, paying above fair trade wages, offering skills training, and providing safe working conditions. As a result of their beautifully designed products and hard working artisans, Nisolo attracts shoe lovers that care about ethics as much as they do style.

All of Nisolo’s shoes and leather products are made with ecoleather, which comes from small-scale Peruvian farmers who each have a handful of cows and treat them well. The hides are then dyed using environmentally friendly and ethical practices, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting safe business practices. The brand also designs metal jewellery made from recycled materials like water taps and pad locks. For their pieces made with bone, artisans use repurposed cow bone – another byproduct of the meat industry that would have been sent to a landfill if not used. Nisolo’s designs are each carefully crafted with the help of local, sustainable materials and skilled producers.

The brand offers a large selection of gorgeous and elegant shoes made with high-quality materials. From boots to oxfords, heels to flats and everything in between, Nisolo provides timeless footwear for consumers with every type of style. Their cool and classic leather bags and totes, recycled jewellery and travel collections are chic and versatile enough to work with any outfit.

Nisolo’s dream is for the world of fashion to become a world of consciousness – and so is Moyo’s. It’s why we’ve fallen in love with Nisolo: their advocacy for awareness, transparency, and quality is changing consumers’ perspectives, and showing consumers the beauty of ethical fashion.