Mud Jeans – Netherlands

How many pair of jeans do you own? What about your friends? According to one 2010 poll, the modern woman owns about seven pairs of jeans. For us at Moyo, we are all about quality over quantity, which is why we want to introduce you to one amazing brand, MUD Jeans.

This ethical fashion label is dedicated to bringing you a gorgeous new pair of jeans each year, made with denim that has been recycled from old, worn jeans.  Ever since MUD creator Bert van Son learned about the dangerous and unhealthy practices of factories in China, he knew that he wanted to do things differently. 

It all started in 2013, with the introduction of “Lease A Jeans”, an innovative approach to offer guilt-free consumption. After a year, or when the jeans are worn out, you can send them back to MUD and they’ll send you a brand new pair. They then take the old jeans, recycle the denim and create a new pair for someone else.

Together with a dedicated team, van Son turned MUD Jeans into a sustainable clothing brand that already won several awards, such as the Sustainability Leadership Award from Edie, the Oscars of organisations. They are also a B certified corporation and are fair-trade certified.

MUD is also the only company that has a completely circular economy. That is, they use certified recycled cotton, allow you to lease the jeans and then return them. For pairs that are returned in good condition, they are sold as vintage jeans (named after their previous owner); for those that are worn out, the jeans will be recycled and turned into a new pair.

 And if you’re worried about leasing jeans online, MUD sends you three pairs for the price of one to ensure that your get the right size every time.

In addition to their jean lease program, they also produce and sell men’s and women’s clothing, like sweaters, shirts, bags and beanies. These items are made from recycled denim and BCI/GOTS certified organic cotton fibers.

So let’s recap: you can lease a pair of high quality jeans, get a new pair each year, and prevent textiles from going to landfills, all in one purchase.  Their method is one we absolutely love – their fashion innovations are paving the way for more companies to produce in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. It’s simple recycling, that even makes your butt look good.