MAY & HUGO – Sydney

When it comes to shopping for swimwear, there’s nothing better than a simple bikini that you can wear for years. Chances are, that one trendy print or that one retro style might not last until next season, which is why we love finding timeless, durable basics. Especially the ones from MAY & HUGO: a sustainable swimwear brand with a minimalist design and ethical approach.

MAY & HUGO’s eco swimwear is designed and ethically handcrafted in Australia, using high quality, environmentally sensitive fabric sourced from Italy. With the fashion industry being the second most polluting industry in the world, MAY & HUGO has set out to help reduce waste with their swimwear. It’s why all of their suits are crafted earth friendly fibres, such as bamboo, or with recycled materials such as ECONYL.

The ECONYL yarn is made from 100% regenerated nylon, derived from waste materials such as fishing nets, discarded carpets and other waste. They’ve even created their own initiative called Healthy Seas, which helps clean oceans and save marine life. And thanks to one of their partnerships, MAY & HUGO enables leftover fabric scraps from swimsuit production to be upcycled into new swimwear. 

Producing recycled nylon not only cleans up our oceans and landfill but also uses almost half the energy used to produce the fibre from virgin materials.

Emily May Tait and Marcos Hugo Bello are the owners and creators behind MAY & HUGO, and they’ve designed everything around minimalist silhouettes that are sophisticated and playful. And while they’re transforming ocean waste into beautiful swimwear, they’re also transforming the industry by making more ethical choices.

While ocean plastic can be a very daunting problem, MAY & HUGO have found a way to alleviate it. Through their initiatives and their own gorgeous collection of swimwear, they prove that the fashion industry doesn’t have to be wasteful. By repurposing and recycling materials, you can create art that’s loved and admired by everyone.