Marie Hell - New York

In today’s fashion world, minimalism is the new black, which is why we’re so glad to have found MARIE HELL. This USA-based minimalistic clothing brand creates gorgeously simple clothing made with ethics in mind, because they believe “clothes should always be simple, they reflect what’s inside you.”

MARIE HELL is getting back to basics with their commitment to slow fashion and ethical manufacturing standards. By keeping all production in America and by using all-natural jersey fabrics, MARIE HELL supports the local economy and employs local workers in one fell swoop.

At MARIE HELL, we believe you don’t need a million things in your closet... just a few that you love.

The ethical fashion brand adequately deems themselves as the “soul of your wardrobe”, with their line of staple pieces that are versatile enough to wear up or down. MARIE HELL’s garments, a sustainable line of edgy, classic designs, are timeless enough to wear throughout the years. From flowy tunics to neutral dresses, these pieces are made for women of all ages.

One reason we love MARIE HELL is their dedication to minimalism. They truly believe in the statement: “The fewer things you have, the more you will be free.” By choosing clothing made with quality, you won’t need to fill your closet with quantity. Instead, by putting emphasis and care into the garments they make, they radiate the idea that beauty and simplicity are inherently intertwined.

MARIE HELL is such an important brand because they exemplify the idea of investing in yourself. By investing in yourself, buying only the things that make you happy, and keeping your life free from clutter, we can each take those simple steps to make ethical, quality choices that benefit the world around us.