Loup and Co - Kenya

How often can a person say that a beautiful, unique, handmade scarf they purchased went to support and empower women in disadvantaged communities? For the ethical fashion brand Loup & Co, that is exactly the global mission they have set out to achieve.

Creative director, Celina, launched Loup & Co after working in an East African orphanage in 2009, where she was inspired to combine her passion for creativity, fashion and business to help vulnerable communities throughout Africa. 

Their motto “Get One: Give One”, reflects the brand’s supportive nature. They have partnered with an NGO in Kenya called Rafiki Mwema, which supports young girls who have faced abuse. The charity, whose name means “a loyal friend”, acts as a safe house, offering counseling and medical treatment until the girls are nurtured back to health.

Get One: Give One - Every item purchased from Loup & Co provides a week’s worth of expenses for one child in the safe house.”
— Loup & Co

Rafiki Mwema currently houses 32 girls, and has successfully returned 59 girls to their homes after providing them with an education, vocational skills and sufficient support.

Loup & Co’s beautiful accessory line, made up of scarves, jewelry and canvas bags, are ethically sourced and handmade wherever possible. 

To make their cotton scarves, Loup & Co has joined forces with HESHIMA KENYA, a nonprofit organization in Nairobi that provides shelter, education, vocational training and support to female refugees and their children. These unique scarves not only help to support their local economy, but also provide a means for these women and girls to support themselves financially.

In addition to supporting local economies, Loup & Co is committed to minimizing their global footprint as much as possible.

Their hand-knit, 100% wool scarves are knitted in the UK and are ethically sourced using wool from a Peruvian company, which provides employment to local communities. Loup & Co's ethical bags are made from unbleached, biodegradable and 100% natural cotton fabric sourced from a family-run European company. Because they use water-based textile ink that they use to decorate the bag, they are free from solvents that can be harmful to the environment.

Lastly, Loup & Co’s minimalist jewelry range is ethically made in Korea. Some of the pieces are recycled or fair trade silver or gold-plated, boasting elegant geometric designs and intricate patterns.

With a range of beautiful designs and a commitment to ethical practices, Loup & Co is the perfect company to buy your next gift or to treat yourself.