Les Sublimes - Paris

We all want to make a difference in the world, but often it seems too overwhelming or challenging to do so. But with amazing ethical fashion brands like Les Sublimes, making positive choices is easy as un, deux, trois.

This French fashion company is going above and beyond to produce their collection of classic go-to pieces. “Les Sublimes exists to demonstrate that design, thoughtfulness and sustainability can be married in our consumption choices,” they write.

Though their first collection hasn’t yet launched, we’ve gotten a wonderful sneak peek of their gorgeous styles. With basic dresses, easy tops and comfy tees, their line is simple and sophisticated. Their pieces can perfectly find a way into every woman’s closet, with a range of basics for everyone.

Les Sublimes strives to be an ethical brand through several platforms. Their eco-friendly practices must reach a certain sustainability requirement; for example, each of their products must contain at least 50% eco-friendly raw materials.

“Every Les Sublimes product is manufactured from start to finish with the intention to preserve our planet’s delicate ecosystems and improve the lives of the hardworking people who make each piece,”

This commitment to the environment spans their entire production, which includes all vegan materials, low-impact factories and a constant desire to reduce their environmental impact. Les Sublimes also assembles all of their clothing in France, south of their Paris headquarters. These workers are paid fair wages, employ sustainable practices, and are all treated with respect.

Last but not least, Les Sublimes believes that their clothing brand is not just about making a profit. That’s why they partner with Panauti Community Homestay, an organization that works directly with local schools to provide scholarships covering tuition fees, school supplies and uniforms for young girls, so that they don’t drop out in search of work.

The work that Les Sublimes does is truly inspiring. For them, it’s not enough just to say that they’re eco-friendly or that their clothes are locally assembled. Les Sublimes puts their ethics first, because what they care about is more than just making a piece of clothing - it’s about making a difference in people’s lives every single day. They’re a brand that transcends the norm of the fast fashion industry. A brand that, we believe, has earned its name: sublime.