Kuyichi - Amsterdam

 In 2001, a long-awaited innovation in the denim industry came to life: the first ever pair of organic jeans was made thanks to Kuyichi, one clothing brand hoping to bring ethical practices to the fashion industry. The Amsterdam-based brand has embraced eco-consciousness, and is proving that quality clothing can be made both sustainably and responsibly.

Their slow fashion method is not only innovative, it’s inspiring: Kuyichi aims to have a completely closed-loop collection, preventing textile waste and reducing their impact on the earth. The factories that produce Kuyichi’s denim are each carefully selected so that they stay true to the ethical name. Each one is chosen because they have sustainable practices, good working conditions, and high product quality.

We believe sustainability isn’t just a trend. And it shouldn’t be the next generation’s job. We see it as our mission. Now and in the future.
— Kuyichi


As an ethical fashion brand, Kuyichi is all about transparency, and they even work with an organisation to track their social and environmental progress, revealing how they have improved upon their own eco-friendly practices throughout the years. Together with the non-profit MADE-BY, Kuyichi measures, benchmarks, and credibly communicates their social and environmental progress.

One thing we absolutely love about Kuyichi is that their website features the workers and individuals who made their clothes. This dedication to their workers and overall transparency is why we showcase superb ethical brands like Kuyichi.

You may be wondering where the title Kuyichi comes from – the name itself is derived from the Peruvian god of the rainbow who brought color into society. Why Peru? The first organic cotton they used was Tanguis cotton from Oro Blanco in Peru. Kuyichi truly is a global fashion brand – and one that truly deserves to be known all around the world.