Kowtow - New Zealand

Kowtow Clothing is a brand with an important philosophy of respect, fairness, and dignity. The New Zealand-based fashion label has dedicated itself to creating a brand that matches up with their positive beliefs, which is why every one of their gorgeous ethical pieces is made with 100% fair trade and organic certified cotton.

The word “kowtow” means to kneel and touch the ground with one’s forehead in worship or submission, as part of a Chinese custom. The word was chosen as the name of this ethical fashion brand because of the symbolic action: a way to pay respect to the efforts, both from individuals and nature, which helps to bring each garment to life.

The benefits of Kowtow’s ethical choices are beautifully outlined on their website. Their fair trade producer groups are democratically run and respect the rights of farmers and farm workers; Kowtow’s certified 100% organic cotton never uses genetically modified seeds, conserves soil, retains water, and controls weeds through physical removal rather than chemical destruction; and the factory in Kolkata, India where Kowtow garments are made provides employee benefits such as a proper living wage, non-hazardous dyes and cotton, paid holiday leave, sick pay, and free schooling for their children.

Kowtow knows exactly what happens during the creation process in each one of their beautiful garments. The following video, “From Seed to Garment”, documents the entire cotton chain from the moment it is grown in India to its development into a piece of clothing.

Using these wonderful ethical practices, Kowtow designs gorgeous everyday pieces for women, like dresses, tops, coats, cardigans, and accessories. Their collection of minimalist garments and modern designs are beautiful additions to any ensemble, and versatile enough to dress up or down.

We have really fallen in love with Kowtow's mission as well as their elegant and timeless pieces. Knowing that each garment is made fairly with high-quality materials is what makes them worth absolutely every cent.