J. Hannah - Los Angeles

Receiving a piece from your grandmother’s jewellery collection is like forever holding onto a part of her. That’s certainly how it is for Jess Hannah, who was inspired to create her own line of streamlined and vintage-inspired jewellery for women.

After inheriting some beautiful pieces from her late grandmother, Jess fell in love with jewellery: “Jewelry for living in and living with, points of connection and classic beauty for the modern woman. Jewelery for how it should be worn, never taken off.” Now, Hannah has her on studio in downtown LA, where she continues to be inspired by her grandmother’s necklaces and rings.


Each of J. Hannah’s pieces is hand made to order using solid gold, along with ethically sourced and conflict-free stones. On top of that, 10% of profits from the new Demi Signet rings will be donated to Design for Progress, a fundraiser standing behind the protection of groups and issues in need of post-election support.

All of the designs from J. Hannah are timeless: each one reflects craftsmanship and attention to detail, and her era-inspired pieces are both simple and elegant. With beautiful rings and earrings from her Classics collection, as well are masculine inspired earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets from her Venn collection, J. Hannah’s pieces can easily be worn up or down.

With so much care and attention going into each piece of jewellery, J. Hannah is an example of what jewellery brands should look like: made with purpose, made with pride, and made with passion. With each J. Hannah purchase, you will always have ethics, and your future granddaughter, in mind.