Grown Alchemist - Melbourne

When choosing sustainable brands, one must not overlook ethical skincare brands – not only are these products used every day, but they’re soaked up into your skin. And with amazing organic brands like Grown Alchemist, you don’t have to worry about any nasties sneaking into your skincare routine.

This ethical skincare line, which is Australian Certified Organic, uses natural compounds and antioxidants to generate all of their skincare formulas. They’ve even got a team of cosmetic chemists based around the world, all relentlessly in pursuit of clean products.

Using chemistry and biology, the individuals behind Grown Alchemist really are true to their name. Their formulas are based on several building blocks that help boost elastin, hydration, and collagen with the help of antioxidants and other active ingredients. Basically, they use healthy ingredients to help keep your skin looking young, fresh and clean.

While it might read like a page in a chemistry book, their certified organic botanical ingredients and powerful natural activities provide better-beauty results without harmful artificial chemicals.
— Grown Alchemist

In addition to their organic line, Grown Alchemist is ethical for other reasons: first, none of their products have been tested on animals, or include any animal ingredients. Plus, they use non-leeching packaging like glass and pet material, which are the world’s most recycled materials.


From facial cleansers to exfoliants to toners, their collection of skincare products are for absolutely everyone, no matter what age or skin type. And because all of their ingredients are natural, you won’t have to worry about chemical or toxic ingredients.

Regardless of your skincare routine, you should always make room for a little extra self-love. Thankfully, Grown Alchemist’s natural beauty can help you bring out yours.