Eileen Fisher - New York

Friends of Moyo World - Eileen Fisher, New York

When Eileen Fisher started her design brand back in 1984, all she had was $350 and a vision.  While formerly working as an interior and graphic designer, she began to envision simple, minimalistic clothing shapes and proportions that worked well together. The ideas she came up with, which included beautiful colors and comfortable fabrics, led to her “aha” moment. 

Fast forward over 30 years and EILEEN FISHER is one of the world’s leading ethical fashion brands. They are a company of passionate, engaged people who value collaborative culture and are committed to connecting with one another as well as with their customers. From the beginning, Eileen has wanted her brand to be known for simple, elegant pieces that can be worn comfortably and confidently by every woman throughout the day.

“We don’t want sustainability to be our edge, we want it to be universal.”
— Eileen Fisher

Aside from just making beautiful clothing, EILEEN FISHER has committed to producing products with organic and sustainable fibers, manufacturing clothing in the USA and recycling clothes with GREEN EILEEN. 

"We have to be responsible for our products from the very beginning—how they're made, who's making them and how those people are treated, all the way until the clothes land back in the earth. GREEN EILEEN, our recycling program, is one of the things I'm most proud of. People are taking the time to clean out their closets and bring our clothes back to the store, where we clean them in an environmentally friendly way and resell them to someone else. All the proceeds fund programs to support women and girls. We try to make the clothes in a way that they keep their value, so they can be sold to other people. We try not to let them end up in landfills."

To date, GREEN EILEEN has collected more than 450,000 donated items and sold some 140,000 items to support women and girls. 

For EILEEN, it’s not just about the clothing; they believe in transparency at every stage of the supply chain. This includes using a 500-kilowatt solar powered system at their distribution center in Secaucus, New Jersey, which produces 60% of the warehouse’s electrical needs. They also make sure to look at the environmental and human impact at every stage of the clothing process, such as: linen vs. cotton, nylon vs. polyester, and fair-trade vs. conventional manufacturing.

EILEEN FISHER is taking sustainability to the next level. As a leading innovator, this ethical fashion brand is creating a positive influence to fashion labels around the world.

“ Our vision is for an industry where human rights and sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative, but the cause of a business well run. Where social and environmental injustices are not unfortunate outcomes, but reasons to do things differently.”