East Fourth Street - Minnesota

There’s a lot that goes into making jewellery, from the design process all the way through production and into your hands. With all the steps in between, how do we know if what we are buying is ethical or not? Fortunately, East Fourth Street is here to help.

The East Fourth Street eco-jewelry collection is a culmination of designer Susan Crow’s deep connection to design and core belief that we need to preserve and restore our environment, not take away from it. 

Each item is handmade from recycled or fair-mined gold and silver, with reused or fair-trade ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Crow even designs wedding rings for men and women looking for a more ethical wedding band option.  

 This ethical jewellery and accessory brand hand makes each of their pieces, which are all fair-trade and sustainably sourced. East Fourth Street is licensed through the Alliance for Responsible Mining to sell fair-mined gold and silver. Their eco-friendly creation process, which has a minimal impact on the environment, mirrors their sustainable and socially responsible jewellery. 

“Artisan jewelry designer Susan Crow’s raw attraction to industrial simplicity, mechanically and aesthetically, and their symbiotic relationship, is made evident in her clean, modern designs.”
— East Fourth Street

With gorgeous gold and silver pieces in a variety of sleek designs, each item is made to be both unique and versatile. Whether it’s a simple cuff bracelet or an intricate pair of earrings, the designs from East Fourth Street can work with any outfit. Knowing that you are purchasing a piece of high-quality, ethically made jewellery is what makes each one of their designs so exceptional.

Buying an item of jewellery is special not only because of its actual value, but also for the value that it will accumulate over time. The reason we love East Fourth Street is because it is special for so many more reasons: for knowing that you are supporting a great company, that your purchase is one that is sustainable and environmentally-friendly, and that it supports a cause for a more ethical world.