Dauntless – New York City

The leather biker jacket is a closet staple, with an edgy design that’s versatile enough to dress up or down. But finding a good quality faux leather moto jacket isn’t easy to come by. For all of our animal lovers out there, we want to introduce you to Dauntless, an amazing cruelty free and ethical brand from the Big Apple.

This ethical fashion brand truly cares about sustainability as much as they do fashion. By choosing faux leather as opposed to real, Dauntless knows that they are making positive strides for the well being of animals. “My main motivation is to be the voice of animals and our planet,” says founder Paula Maldonado. “My brand is transparent and honest to its true mission.” Without skimping on design or quality, Dauntless has developed an amazing ethical brand that is paving the way for all future outerwear brands.

Maldonado had never intended to create a fashion label: “I saw the complexity in creating a brand, how expensive it is, how easy it is to be judged in this industry. However, I saw that there was a small space that a lot of exceptional brands were in and the impact it would have in just a couple of years.” Now, after being recognized by outlets like Vogue and Refinery 29, they’ve truly made a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

“Our mission is to bring socially concious fashion through high end designs, top quality materials and a well tailored fit for fashion forward consumers”

Dauntless women’s jackets come in simple colours like black and white, with the option of standout shades in grey and peach. As for the guys, keep your heads up – Dauntless is working on a men’s line that’ll likely be selling before the end of this year.

While not everyone is inclined to buy vegan leather jackets, Dauntless is one brand truly intent on changing people’s perspectives. Their gorgeous, high-quality designs defy expectations, promote a conscious message to consumers and deliver on style. It's the perfect way to look like a renegade while actually doing good.