Curator - San Francisco

Everyone has that one garment in their closet that’s totally reliable. Whether your go-to piece is a favourite tee or a versatile mini skirt, it’s something you can always throw on when running out the door. And if your closet is stocked with any of the gorgeous pieces from Curator, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Curator is a California-based ethical fashion brand that’s designed and produced by two best friends in San Francisco. Between the two ladies, they make each garment by hand using quality materials and organic fabrics where possible. From staple dresses to versatile skirts to minimalist tops, their line is made with simplicity in mind.

This is truly a labor of love and our life’s work.
— Curator designers, Stacy Rodgers & Deirdre Nagayama

Making everything by hand not only allows Curator to create individualized and unique products, but it also helps prevent excess waste. Additionally, many of Curator’s handmade garments are designed using natural, breathable materials like cotton, denim, and wool. As for colours, they prefer neutral tones such as olive, black, rose and tan, which can be easily adapted into anyone’s closet.


The garment’s from Curator all carry a similar theme: timelessness and agelessness. They defy seasonal trends making them totally timeless, while also sophisticated and classic enough to work for women of every age.  But the thing we love most about them is their versatility. “We make the work horses of your wardrobe, the pieces that are first in and out of the laundry basket,” they say describing their collection. So whether you're heading out for work or just heading to the farmer's market, you can never go wrong with a piece from Curator.

While some fast fashion brands choose to manufacture thousands of identical products, Curator’s handmade garments are made with a personal, human touch. Think about it: when was the last time you wore something handmade by someone whose name you knew? Choosing to support small, handmade brands like Curator helps to promote ethics and transparency throughout the entire fashion industry. And with one of their beautiful garments, no one would ever mistake you for being a part of the crowd.